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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Challenge 1 - Food Blog Challenge - All About Mangia Y'all is a site for food bloggers. Both average, everyday people and skilled cooks whose lives are spent in the kitchen.  The one common factor is they love to share their passion.

Back in March of 2009, after a conversation with a good friend who had begun a cooking blog, I joined this community.

As I look through so many of the contestants, I know that I have not been as prolific here on my food blog as I have been on my everyday blog and my music blog.

Yes, I also write a music blog and host a show on BlogTalk Radio about independent musicians. Music and passions in life.

They have been since I was a child. I have vivid memories of sitting in the kitchens of both my grandmothers and my mom and watching them as they created wonderful meals.

As I got older, I was there with mom rolling meatballs on a Sunday. Watching as she painstakingly added wonderfully aromatic ingredients to create Sunday gravy or another meal.

What do I share on Mangia Y'all? Well, I have a three part video on making lasagna...friends laughed at it's length and looking back, I could have edited more...but as I am verbose in my writing, I tend to be that way in real life.

I also love to share my weekend cooking sessions where I cook multiple meals and then vacuum seal and store for future use. Other recipes are those that come from my head and even when I find a deliciously wonderful recipe in one of my 60 or so cookbooks, I will share that as well. I even share the tools of the trade I use when in the kitchen, because some people who read are not as acquainted with the proper tools

Walking into my kitchen with nothing planned for dinner and then opening the cupboards and freezer to see what is available and creating a meal from thin air is a challenge I throw at myself from time to time.

I am me...nothing more, nothing less. I am not going to recreate an entire cuisine and change the way the world cooks.

What I will do is show you tricks, explain the differences in taste of various ingredients and give those who read me a new idea to treat your family and friends.

I have been told I am successful in explaining techniques in simple terms for those of my friends who are not kitchen friendly.  This makes me smile.

Cooking meals for friends is always a challenge, and in this case, I add extra challenges to myself. Normally, if you are coming to my home for dinner, you will be served something I have never tried before.

Why? because I find it fun to try new foods with friends...and my friends now know they are guinea pigs when they accept an invite.

When I am cooking I keep my camera close so I can record the steps.

Much luck to all of the contestants in the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Challenge. Whether I make it one week or 10, I will be following the progress closely...

"Mangiare Bene e Piacere" or "Eat Well With Pleasure"

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Desert Songbird said...

What I've always loved about your food blog, my friend, is that you make all recipes "user-friendly." People who are not the most talented in the kitchen feel as if they can follow your recipes and be successful.

Lindsay said...

Great post! I just gave you a vote! You can check out my entry here: Thanks and Good Luck!

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